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Enviromez is proud to have helped Bercum Builders in Kelowna to achieve the first CHBA Net Zero Labelled Home in the Okanagan in 2019

Let me help you on your first Net Zero Energy Build......

  • BC Building Code Section 9.36

Get to grips with the Section 9.36 of the BC Building Code. I can provide advice and guidance on the practical steps you can take to meet these requirements.

  • Design For Performance

'You can only build the walls once so get it right!' As well as making sure the building is fit for purpose, this is a great time to start looking at how it will perform. I can analyze your design and tell you how energy efficient it is going to be and work with you to make improvements if required.

As a fully licensed professional Energuide for New Homes rater, I can work with you to ensure you achieve your goals.


EnerGuide is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada and is used with permission.

  • Energuide New Homes Rating System



NRCan launched V15 (the new version of the EnerGuide Rating System) on 1st April 2016 which replaced the old 0 - 100 scale in favour of rating a home based on it's expected Annual Gigajoule (GJ) consumption. Click here to go to the Natural Resources Canada website to see what has changed.   

I can provide the Energuide Rating component which is required in many cases to receive Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) rebates and other associated with Energy Efficiency Building Programs such as CHBA NZH, R-2000, BUILT GREEN CANADA®, and LEED® Canada. Only Certified Energy Advisors (CEAs) registered with NRCan can provide an Energuide Rating.

  • BC 9.36.6 Energy Step Code

If you intend to build within a jurisdiction that has adopted the BC Energy Step Code you will need to have a Certified Energy Advisor complete an Energy Step Code analysis on your design and you must include a Pre-Construction Compliance Report with your Building Permit Application showing that your proposed design demonstrates compliance with the jurisdiction's requirements. An As-Built Compliance Report and final Blower Door Test is also required to show that the completed home has met the requirement. This whole process is a different approach to permitting and can only be completed by certain professionals.  NRCan Licensed Certified Energy Advisors using the Energuide Rating System are likely to be the vast majority of professionals delivering this service but Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants and others using modelling software tested in accordance with ANSI / ASHRAE 140 can also do this.

  • NBC 9.36.5 Performance Path Approach

NBC 9.36.5 is an alternative whole home performance based permitting approach. The Energy Modeling procedures are similar to 9.36.6 but it does not use the Energuide Rating System procedures and has only one target which is that the analysis must show that the proposed design will perform better when compared to an identical home built to minimum code. It can be used for any type of Part 9 building but tends to be used for more unusual buildings like Log homes where the log walls may be well below code performance requirements. 9.36.5 allows the energy losses from poorly performing assemblies to be offset by applying energy upgrades elsewhere.


I can provide your EnerGuide Rating for your Built Green® project. BUILT GREEN® Canada now requires that homes meet strict percentage improvement targets based on the Energuide Rating System for each category.  I can work with you to identify the energy upgrades required to enable you to reach your BUILT GREEN® energy target and complete any verification work that is required. 

  • Building Option Packages / Upgrades / Improvement Modelling

If you have an energy efficiency level in mind for your build or you want to qualify for certain grants or rebates and your design is falling short I can work with you to apply modifications or upgrades to your design and demonstrate their impact. I can also help you put together upgrade packages that can be offered as options to prospective home buyers.

  • Access to Grants and Rebates

I can take you through the process and provide the verification for a variety of initiatives requiring EnerGuide Ratings or Energy Step Metrics for New Homes that will allow you to access available grants and rebates.

  • Construction Process

During construction it is often necessary to complete site visits at key stages of the build to review and confirm that building is being constructed using specified construction materials, HVAC, fixtures and fittings etc. and identify any issues that will require rectification to maintain the desired building performance. This is especially important when trying to achieve a particular performance level, comply with an efficiency program or gain access to grant funding incentives or rebates.

An important aspect of the construction process is managing the air tightness of of the building as this has a major effect on the building's energy efficiency. One common activity is to conduct an air tightness check once the air barrier is complete. This is commonly referred to as the 'Pre-Drywall' test and is really useful to find and fix envelope air leakage issues before it is too late. When the building is complete a final air tightness test will be conducted to confirm the as built air tightness of the building envelope.

Specialist testing equipment known as a 'Blower Door' is required to complete this test. The Blower Door is an essential piece of test equipment for building energy audits and reviews. This equipment makes it much easier to identify air leakage points in the building envelope during construction and also enables the calculation of 'Air Changes per Hour' (ACH@50Pa) which is an industry standard measurement.

  • Final Building Performance Testing - Energuide

Once construction is complete and the  building is ready for occupation I complete a final walk through and air tightness test and use this information to finalize the official Energuide Rating which is essential to close off any applications for rebates or grant funding that are associated with the project.

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